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Fundraising With Growums®

It’s time to take a fresh approach to fundraising – in an easy way that benefits your organization, our planet and the lives of our children!

As child-obesity concerns continue to rise, parents and group leaders need to start thinking outside of the chocolate box, popcorn canisters and cookie dough when it comes to fundraising ideas. So say goodbye to those old, unhealthy options and hello to Growums®!

Our remarkable line of themed garden kits teaches children and adults alike that delicious, healthy food comes from a seed – and they have the power to make it grow! Each Growums Kit comes with everything a child needs to start growing a garden at home, whether in the ground or in a container: seed packs, seed-starting pellets, a watering tray and plant tags.

Every kit also features its own colorful cast of Growums characters. The Growums Ratatouille Garden, for example, mixes it up with Belle Peppa, the Great Zucchini, Eggbert the eggplant and Tomas the tomato, while the Growums Herb Garden sings in flavorful tune with Frank Cilantro, Elvis Parsley, Regan O. and Baby Basil! Other kits in the line include Pizza, Salad, Stir-Fry and Taco.

What makes Growums Garden Kits different from any other (besides the fun characters behind each one) are the “edu-taining” video instructions that come with them: Every kit has a special code inside that unlocks a virtual growing world at Once a child receives a Growums Garden Kit, the family can go online and register that kit for free, using the secret code. From there, the fun-loving Growums characters come to life in a series of short animated instructional videos that teach children how to start, plant and properly care for their real-life gardens step by step as they grow.

How Growums Helps Your Cause

It’s not just families and the environment that harvest awesome benefits from a Growums garden. Schools and organizations that join our Growums fundraising program can yield amazing rewards as well!

For every $10 garden kit sold, your registered school or organization will receive a generous portion – up to 50%! Growums fundraisers are electronic, paperless and eco-friendly. Once you enroll your group online, we will e-mail you your unique fundraising code, along with additional support materials to help you run a successful fundraiser.


A Growums fundraiser is an incredible opportunity to raise money for your school or organization while encouraging healthier children, a greener environment and stronger families. We’re really looking forward to growing with you – in more ways than one!

Click here to register today, or contact Christina Sweet, National Program Director, at to learn more!