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What are Growums: Growums are themed garden kits that allow children to grow complete gardens and encourage them to eat healthy foods. – a vital concern for educators and parents everywhere. Each of 9 different Growums Garden Kits contains a reusable self-watering tray, seed-starting pellets, Non-GMO seeds, character plant ID tags and a special Growums “secret code” to access seed to harvest character videos lessons. With access to a computer, smart phone or tablet kids will learn how to germinate seeds, water them, allow sunlight, how, when and where to transplant, stop bugs and diseases, harvest and compost. Teach a child to grow vegetables and herbs and they will eat them!

Growums To The Rescue: Get growing help straight from over 70 Growums characters, like Duke the Cuke, Elvis Parsley, Princess Strawberry and more, who come to life in animated how-to-grow videos online! (Our characters have been personally taught by PhDs in horticulture and generations of experienced gardeners, so they know how to help kids garden like a pro!) Teaching kids how to grow in a FUN and EDU-TAINING way- that's the experience Growums provides and that's why Growums has nearly 1 million garden out in the world today!

Check Out This Short Growums Garden Kit Demonstration Video


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