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Welcome to Growums Educational Purchasing Programs!

What are Growums: Growums are themed garden kits that allow children to grow a complete garden and encourage them to eat healthy foods – a vital concern for educators and parents everywhere. Each of 9 different garden kits contains a reusable self-watering tray, seed-starting pellets, Non-GMO seeds, character plant ID tags and a special Growums “secret code” to access over 100 seed to harvest how-to videos approved by PhDs in horticultural and generations of experienced gardeners.

Who are Growums: Each seed is represented by a lovable Growums character such as Elvis Parsley, Duke The Cuke, Princess Strawberry and more. Over 70 characters come to life and teach children, step-by-step, how to grow their own garden hands on through FREE online animated video lessons! Every 7-10 days the Growums characters email a reminder that another video lesson is ready. Additional FREE games and character coloring pages are located on along with access to Growums new monthly Kids Club.

Check Out This Short Garden Kit Demonstration Video


Raising money for your school or organization is easy:

- Enroll in a fundraiser and get your school/organization unique purchase code.

- Select the garden kit (s) you’d like to buy and add it to your cart. If you don't want a garden kit and would still like to participate select a donation amount. The school/organization will obtain the kit(s) needed for their project with your generous contribution.

- At checkout, enter your customer information, an optional referring student or child's name, the assigned school/organization purchase code, and then select “Apply.”

- Orders are shipped directly to your designated shipping address anywhere in the USA. Shipping fees apply. 

- Payments are accepted by debit card, credit card or by selecting the secure PayPal processing system.

Educational purchases for your school or organization is easy: 

- Purchase for classroom education, use for projects and contests, great for gifts, prizes or "paying it forward" to others in need.

- Enroll your school or organization for a purchase.

- Select your start and end date as the enrollment date.

- Growums will contact you with a discount purchase code.

- Orders are shipped directly to your school/organization. Shipping fees apply.

Available Products To Choose From With Your Unique School/Organization Code